Wild Flowers Tour of Mani - A Guide to Flowers of Mani

For nature lovers, spring in the Mani is something you should't miss. This is why Telegraph Travel organises Tours in Peloponnese and Mani to discover the flowers of the area

Telegraph flower tours
tour wild flowers of Mani

You can see some of Mani's flowers at the 'Guide to Flowers of the Mani' which is a book/record of many of the common and prominent wild flowers found in the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece.The volume has 440 pages and contains photographs of more than 290 different species of flowering plants from the Mani, but additionally contains a botanical key to selected plant families, diagrams of flower and inflorescence structures and brief descriptions of the key characters of each family represented in the volume.

A Guide to Flowers of Mani

You can navigate through the Guide by clicking here

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