Kayak Adventure in Inner Deep Mani

sea kayak trip mani

The real adventure starts here!


Navigate the seas of Inner Deep Mani.Paddle and discover remote beaches, secluded coves and even pirates caves that noone can visit or even see from land. There is only one way to discover the hidden gems of Mani. Just Hit the Waves!

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

We offer a high-end professional kayak (Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160) designed to withstand and make its way on rough seas and cover long distances even when you carry heavy items such as your personal belongings or camping equipment.


Plan a day trip to camp in one of the remote, secluded beaches and enjoy the crystal clear waters of Mani and the unspoiled coasts.


Navigate through the pirate coves of Cavo Grosso, Mezapo and Castro di Maina and actually see the places where the Pirates were hiding their treasures while waiting and searching from the vertical cliffs for their next target.


Take a fishing expedition, as the kayak is ideal for carrying your fishing gear. You can practice all types of jigging, trawling or even fish with small nets. The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 can handle everything. It is a dream come true experience for every fisherman to spend time fishing on the most rich, regarding the volume of fishes, seas of Greece.

fishing mani Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160


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