The Olive Oil Harvesting, Join us

For all our visitors who will stay during November and till mid December we offer them the opportunity to join the Maniots in their most special moment of the year, the harvest of olive trees.

You will experience the inner deep satisfaction of taking the fruits of our land with your own hands. This is an activity that really bonds friends and family as they get together in the nature and spend quality time. For Maniots and their families those are sacred moments and all the family members return to their villages, wherever they are no matter how far. Someone could say it is almost a ritual with its origin lost far away in distant times where people depended their whole existence from those trees and their green gold, the olive oil.

All the olive oil you will manage to harvest is YOURS. Of course we will be next to you providing whatever you need during the harvesting, give you all the necessary tools and carry the fresh olives to the olive press to finally extract the precious juice. No need to say about the quality of this olive oil, it's one of the most rich, thick in flavor and texture you will ever taste and it's organic, an elixir of life.

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