Hiking at Mani. The Sagias Taygetos Mountain with Destination Agia Pelagia Church

I wish to share with you some photos of a recent hiking tour from Koita Kalonioi villages of Inner Deep Mani to Agia Pelagia church on the top of Sagias Taygetos mountain the place where the eagles fly to rest. You will actually see many of them fly besides you!!!!

Under the wooden cross of Agia Pelagia. BREATHTAKING VIEW

Under the cross of Agia Pelagia

North view towards Mina, Vamvaka, Pirgos Dirou, Areopolis

View to the North towards Mina, Vamvaka, Pirgos Dirou, Areopolis

West view towards Mezapos, castle of Maina Tigani, Messenian Gulf also known Gulf di Coron


Southwest view towards Gerolimenas, Libyan Sea

Almost flying.......

The hiking path of Agia Pelagia

The bells......

Inside the small church of Agia Pelagia where the pilgrims one by one carry their donations all the way up the mountain

Instructions terribly misspelled in Greek...


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