Walking in the paths of Manis History

Starting from Vamvaka village, visitors can walk the trails of Mani history.

Nature lovers and outdoor activities will have the opportunity to follow 22 hiking trails length over 100 km (through paths, dirt roads and asphalt) lasting from 35 minutes to 4.5 hours and with different degrees of difficulty, as the trekking Karavostasi - Canyon Mylolagado - Virgin Spilaiotissa 5.5 km, lasting 2 hours and mild difficulty.

Worth visiting Areopolis, having named the God of war Mars the cobbled square, quaint stone alleys, the stunning church of the 18th century Archangels and the Historical Ethnological Museum of Mani.

Gythion with little port has countless taverns and the Archaeological Museum in Gythio. The islet of Helen, where, according to legend, he left with Paris to Troy and started the Trojan War. Mani has 98 traditional stone villages with 800 towers and eight Byzantine and medieval castles.

Also the seaside Limeni village is one of the most beautiful, traditional villages of Mani with sea incredible beauty and gourmet restaurants


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