Mezapo Beaches

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Kato Mezapos
Directions to get there:
Mezapos nowadays is a small fishing village, but it's history isn't as peaceful as now. In past years it was the most important pirate's hideout. 
Someone can choose to swim from its three beaches, Chalikia, Kourkou, Kato Mezapos. Each one has something special to offer. Let's see them:
Chalikia consists of two separate beaches, the first and smaller one that you can see from the main village road, and the second larger and hidden one which you can not see her from the road. To find her someone has to walk through the left side of the first one. She is a gem with extras like the permanent shadow from the cliffs above and the picturesque cave at the left side. The left coast of the beach is a must for swimmers, snorkelling and kayaking because of the many caves someone will meet in short distance from the beach.
Kourkou is a lake-like type of a beach / swimming cove with vertical yellow cliffs all around. It surely deserves a visit as this is something you won't find in most places. Cliff divers and kids (that know to swim as the depth goes to 4 meters exactly from the coast) will absolutely love the experience. She has easy accessible cliffs from 1 meter to 10 meters for cliff diving. ENJOY!
Kato Mezapos is the smallest of the three but has two bonuses. She is the most accessible one as the car goes all the way down to the beach, you only have to walk 10 flat meters. The second one is something unique and really precious for the very hot summer days when the sea is also warm. When you swim 30 meters at the right side of the beach you will suddenly experience cold refreshing waters that stream from the rocks. If you follow the direction of the cold flow you will notice a small cave with turquoise waters. Just enter it is the most refreshing feeling.