The Pirate's Tower House est 1807, which belongs to our series of tower houses, is built in Mani Vamvaka village in a beautiful estate filled with trees and herbs. Pirate's Tower House overlooks the Tigani Peninsula and the rock of Cavo Grosso from a 225m altitude. It was the perfect spot for Captain Panayotis Dracoulis to settle, hide but still observe the passing ships sailing to Aegean, Ionian and Libyan Sea as he was preparing for his next expedition

At short distance from the Pirate's Tower House, is one of oldest Byzantine churches. The church of Saint Theodore dating from 1075.

This is Mani
This is a journey into the centuries

Mani Tower Houses unveils the jewels of authentic and unspoiled Mani

The village is strategically located in the middle of Inner Deep Mani, so to plan your tours in the surrounding Mani and experience places of incomparable beauty such as:

The Diros Caves which are the most beautiful lake caves in Greece.

The Cave of Hades, at Cape Tenaro where Neptune was worshiped.

The Porto Sternes the sanctuary of Tenarious Poseidon.

Enjoy swimming in the famous beaches Alypa, Limeni, Kotronas, Porto Cayo, Marmari and Phineas.

The village has many attractions, equestrian club, and many ancient megalithic structures.

Visit Pirate's Tower House and indulge in the most romantic sunset on the rock of Cavo Grosso!

You will feel flooded with positive energy.
Browse traversing Byzantine stone streets and enjoy tranquility and peace!

Vamvaka settlement is built at 225 meters above sea level, between the villages Briki, Akia, Kotronaki and Omfaloti and is approximately 11 km from Gerolimenas fishing port.
It is filled with beautiful war towers, surrounded by nature, sea and mountain composing a fairytale scenery and offering a unique romantic experience.

The conservation village of Vamvaka is one of the most well attended of Greece, which perfectly depicts the architectural qualities of Mani and has been called a living museum of traditional local architecture.

Feel Unique 

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In area taverns you can taste the famous traditional cuisine of Mani.

Here you will enjoy the freshest fish you have ever tasted.

You can also enjoy delicious pork in different versions: as the syglino (salt pork), sausages and of course the specialties of Mani, roast suckling pig.

You will also find handmade pasta dishes served with local cheese, pies with wild greens, kagiana eggs with tomatoes and cheese, tsigarolachana is wild greens sautéed with spices and Lalagia which is fried dough strips.

All over Mani you will find many valuable traditional products worth to take them back home!
Buy olives, olive oil, honey, touloumisio cheese and wonderful sweets, jams, herbs, oregano, tea and sage.

Dreamlike holidays in Mani Tower Houses

Pirate's Tower House located in a beautiful estate filled with trees and flowers, offers spacious indoors and outdoors and can accommodate up to nine guests.

With separate kitchens and baths, the tower house provides complete autonomy to our guests.

Above all, it will give you the tranquility and atmosphere of another era,

evoking the glorious memories of the past.

Book now and enjoy your holidays all the year

in an Authentic Mani Tower Houses

Distances :

Athens - Vamvaka 287 km
Athens International Airport - Vamvaka 319 km
Sparta - Vamvaka 74 km
Nafplio - Vamvaka 181 km
Vamvaka - Diros Caves 11.4 km
Vamvaka - Limeni 18.1 km
Vamvaka - Vatheia 20.5 km

Vamvaka - Gerolimenas 14 km